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Portuguese Characters – Mac Keyboard

Hi all, so I’m learning Portuguese and had a very hard time trying to write on my English mac keyboard, here are the shortcuts you need in order to be able to type correctly accented portuguese – enjoy.

Acute Accent:
Option/Alt + E, Vowel = André

Grave Accent:
Option/Alt + `, Vowel = Às

Circumflex Accent:
Option/Alt + I, Vowel = Você

Option/Alt + N, Vowel = Amanhã

C Cedilla:
Shift + Option/Alt + C = Ç (I couldn’t find a word with the Large Cedilla)

C Cedilla:
Option/Alt + C = Condição

So to write André you would hold the Option/Alt key and then press e at the same time (this shows the Accute Accent), then the vowel you want – easy, peasy.

Finally, on online store worth their salt….

This is a tech blog and I don’t normally write anything about retail / online sales but I have found a company that are so proficient in their service that you would think they were located in the US.

Let me put it into persepctive for you: A couple of weeks ago I ordered a SMK scope for my rifle from this company, it turned up and was a bit rubbish (not their fault, they just supply it, not build the damn thing), so I got in touch with them to ask for a refund, they offered me a load of advice on mounting and zeroing (now I know how to do all that, but many people do not, so it would have been helpful) and after a few emails it was decided that I should send it back for a refund – great! (That was a lot easier than most companies make it for you).

Sent the Scope back and then asked if I could be part refunded and use the remainder of my refund to purchase some pellets instead – no problems they said and out they were shipped!

Received the pellets today and one of the tins has been crushed beyond belief, got in touch with them and low and behold, once again excellent customer service prevails, they are going to ship me out another tin of .177’s.

It’s so goddam refreshing to deal with a company that has their customers in the fore front of their mind, so this is my thanks to them – a glowing review and advert ;)

If your after anything for your air rifle / pistol go and visit Solware right away, you can find them at:

Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

The buzzword to define the 00’s, it’s all about the web 2.0 but what the hell does that actually mean – it really depends on who you are and how far your technological grey matter runs!  Not to mention that pretty much anybody on the web has a completely different opinion of what that term means. -As a side note, to most people I have asked it means gradients, blue and green and some funky transitions.

I think that there is a simple way to define the 3 states of the web, but I don’t want to look at it from a design point of view, rather a developer point of view. If you really think about it, it boils down to data manipulation and how we as an internet using public use that information.

The original internet (for this purpose 1990 onward) relied on static websites, made of that wonderfull old table based HTML (which served it purpose well). Pages created offline and then uploaded for the masses to enjoy. Only the largest sites on the web were using large databases, and MySQL, PHP and the whole LAMP setup was not as prevalent as it is today.

Web 2.0 (for this purpose 2002 onward) was about dynamism (is that even a word?), the abilty to read but also reply to a web page. Static information made dynamic by the masses inputting their own unique views. Think of the rise of site like digg, myspace, facebook, reddit, youtube, wikipedia – all sites that display information but additionally let users not only add their own data but manipulate the data already present on the site.

Web 3.0 (sometime around 2009/10 I would think) is about bringing the internet away from a heavy reliance of web data and localising that data on your internet device. I would hope that in a few years everyone will enjoy a permenant connection to the mobile net. I already have my iPhone, and admittedly, having the ‘whole’ internet in my pocket has had insurmountable benefits. Think of Google Gears and you’ll have a rough idea where we’re heading.

We basically gone through the 3 states of a set of file privileges – Web 1 (R), Web 2 (WR), Web 3 (WRX) or is that just me?