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Apple iPad Giveaway / Promo

Win an iPad from Airport InternationalSo the company I work for is giving away 5 Apple iPad’s and I thought I’d better let you all know about it. It’s pretty simple to enter and best of all, it’s open to pretty much anyone. If you head of to you’ll see how easy it is.

They just want to to either link to the website with some specific anchor text (seems pretty straightforward) or follow the twitter account ( and tweet about the promo. What have you got to loose? I can’t enter it (wouldn’t be very fair as I work here, but there is nothing stopping you!) Good luck and let me know if you enter.

Additionally, they have 4 more to give away on their other ‘new’ portals, check out the promo above for the links to the other sites.

Apple, HTML5 and the ‘Open’ Web…

So it was quite a night for Apple yesterday with the iPhone 4.0 OS reveal, lots of changes and good news for us iPhone owners. But I’m here to talk about HTML5 (Tenuous link), and how Apple are influencing it’s progress and ultimate adoption on the web.

Apple have been pushing HTML5 (One of the few companies on the planet that can openly shun Flash and the web follows):

  • Apple came up with the CANVAS and CSS Transforms.
  • They gave up Webkit and it’s (just) announced successor Webkit2.
  • They openly and very publically blocked flash on both the iPhone and iPad encouraging people to use HTML5 (Vimeo, Google, NYT, and many others quickly offered HTML5 versions of their content).
  • The addition yesterday of iAds shows all the cool functionality that can be had from 5.

But while Apple are a proponent of these great technologies, they have also shut their platform down jut a little more, see the new developer terms under section 3.3.1:

Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and must not use or call any private APIs. Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript as executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine, and only code written in C, C++, and Objective-C may compile and directly link against the Documented APIs (e.g., Applications that link to Documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool are prohibited).

If you are Apple, you could argue this is a good thing, completely native code, written from the ground up, no cross-porting, and at the end of the day, we are speaking about Apple here, who traditionally do whatever they want.

The key point here, is that although Apple now has a 63% (US) share of the mobile browser market, and this is surely set to increase with the uptake of the iPad, they really have some clout as to what goes on in the web. The thing is, the web is supposed to be an open platform with many people / entities contributing, refining, updating.

It’s a strange web we weave when a single company can practically change the web over night.

I love what Apple do, their products, brand and general image. Let’s hope things don’t get to closed.


OpenBase Database – What is it & Uninstall….

It’s kind of funny when you find random application installed on your drive, OpenBase is a database management and storage tool – several Mac application use this. In my case the easiest way to figure out what it was doing was to run the OpenBaseManager application in /Applications/Openbase.

My version reported only 1 database ‘Daylight’ which is part of the Marketcircle product Daylight Express, I have had this removed for quite some time, but OpenBase does not seem to offer an uninstaller – so a bit of shell magic is required.

Open the Terminal and enter:

sudo /Library/OpenBase/bin/RemoveOpenBaseScript

Magic, it will be uninstalled – just be sure to check nothing is using it first or you may have some problems on your hands ;)

Transferring Email – Apple Tiger to Leopard….

This used to be such a headache, but now it’s pretty simple, providing you take a few simple steps, you can be up and transferred in no time at all.

A good piece of advice is to always clean up your email before you do a transfer, if you only have 10 – 20Mb of data, then don’t bother – but if your like me and have a 2Gb+ mailbox, a bit of spring cleaning never foes amiss. Simple things – just remove any unwanted inbox items, get rid of those old emails that you have sent, clean the junk mail folder and lastly empty the trash (unless you really want to take it with you) – with any luck your mailbox will now be smaller (saved me about 400Mb).

Fish out your mail files on the Tiger machine, go and visit [Username]/Library/Mail/ and [Username]/Library/Mail Downloads where the [Username] is the name of your account.

Copy all of this information to a CD, HDD or a network location accessible by the new machine. Lastly, visit [Username]/Library/Preferences/and find the and copy this too.

Now on your new machine, copy all of the files into their respective locations, they are the same locations on a Leopard machine – run mail, and you will probably be asked for the passwords for your account. You can get around this by copying over your keychain from the old system – but that is a conversation for another time.

Excel 2008, Copy / Pasting date field, wrong data….

Here’s another great head scratcher in the office debacle – why when you are copying date fields from one sheet to another does Excel feel the need to change the date? It all about the 1904 date format you see. All new sheets created in Excel are automatically set to the 1904 date format whereas all previous versions of Excel were set to the 1900 Date format – it’s an easy fix.

In the sheet that you wish to copy the date to, open up the preferences (Excel -> Preferences). 

Excel Date Problem - Preference Screen

You then need to open up the ‘Calculations’ section of the preferences.

Excel Date Problem - Calculations Screen

Then simple select and uncheck the ‘Use 1904 Date System’ – hey presto, if you copy data from your ‘old’ sheet, it will magically appear correctly in the new sheet!

Note: If you are using a Windows computer, you will need to go to Tools -> Options -> Calculation Tab.

Outlook Express to Apple Mail (.dbx convert .mbox)

With the release of Mac OS X Tiger, Apple has removed the option to import Outlook Express emails – so that poses me with a problem with our XP transfers.As always the solution is simple if you know where to look.(Note: If you are using Outlook, open Outlook Express and choose File / Import / Messages / Outlook)

  1. Open Outlook Express. Click on Tools / Options / Maintainence / Store Folder and make a note of it. (It’s nearly always C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\NUMBERS\Microsoft\Outlook Express)
  2. You need to convert the .dbx files (that’s the format OE uses for mailboxes) into .mbox files (that’s the format Apple Mail uses for mailboxes). Go and grab dbxconv (download) and dump it into the same directory you noted above.
  3. Run….
    dbxconv -mbx -mbxextmbox *.dbx

    ….and wait, will take a while depending on how large your mailboxes are. 1-2Gb should not take more than about 40 minutes.

  4. You should now have a directory full of files with the extension .mbox. Get all of these files to your new mac (FTP / Intranet / CD Burn Etc.) Open mail and enter your account detials (default opening on Tiger). Then click File / Import Mailboxes / Other and then find your .mbox files on your computer (where ever you put them). The .mbox files will be grayed out so click choose and on the next screen click OK to begin the import. This may or may not take awhile depends on the amount of mail!
  5. Easy peasey, lemon squeazy. Your mail now has a new home!

If you can’t run dbxconv for some reason you can always use Entorage (use a trial, installed on all new macs, or download from Microsoft) – Just drag your mail messages out of outlook and into a folder(s) (organised of you wish), move files to the Mac, boot Entourage and drag the messages in (.eml files). Once they are all in you can click Import / Entourage in Apple Mail.

Added 21st May 2010:
The link no longer works, but a simple google search will find the program elsewhere for you.