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Darren CornwellBorn and raised in Basildon (partly), moved to Devon, then Kent, then London, back to Devon and then decided that Brasil would be a better fit – currently residing here in the state of Sao Paulo planning my next big move BBQ….

A degree, a BTEC, a NVQ, some other intelligent stuff like Psychology and Photography and some not so smart but awesome stuff like my Firearms certificate. Can you believe I once did a course in Retail and another in Food Safety, what was I thinking?

Trained creative media type, found footing in Film – worked for HTV, ITV and did some training with the Beeb (If it’s a format, I’ve pretty much shot with it). List of credits available on request. Left film and moved into Web, Design and Planning and then moved into working as a Product Development Manager. Now spending time with my Beloved D300, prepping projects and planing my escape to Brasil another locale.

Pretty well traveled – Washington DC, New York, Switzerland, Israel, France, Spain, Lichenstein (yes, lichenstein!) Ireland, Germany, Charlotte, Netherlands, India, Vegas, oops… nearly forgot Brasil a couple of times ;).

Most recently worked on the Glastonbury film (for the last 11 years!) amongst other personal projects.

Currently working in Web / Print / IT for a fabulous publishing company , Working for a fantastic company down in SP, always searching for the next big idea.

I speak 3 languages – English, Bad English, and Very Bad Portuguese Average Portuguese ;)

A slightly eccentric workaholic would best sum me up amongst the social circle. Well, that and being a bit of a gun nut, and special effects lover.

If you really want to know more, just drop me a line, shoot me an email – darren _at_ irregularactivity dot co dot uk – great.

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  1. Since I think Seven is one of the best films ever made I really like your movie poster and was wondering if I could buy a print. Let me know!
    A fan from Amsterdam…..

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