Getting a Temporary Work Visa, Brazil – Part 2

In the last part we showed the starting process of getting the documentation in order and ready to send off. After making it thorough all the hoops I now had all my documentation ready to send.

Documentation Continued

I had a pretty serious decision here on how to get my documents down to Brasil. Royal mail do a service called Airsure for about £11, or FedEx do International Priority for about £50, I think when it comes to such important papers you’re far better off going with FedEx, in my mind, if my papers got lost it would take months to re-acquire them from college, university etc. It came to £52.60 for the delivery and it was down in Brasil within 4 days.

Translation and Submission

The next step is to get all of your now legalised documentation translated into Portuguese, this is a requirement for the submission process. As it is a temporary visa requiring a sponsoring company in Brasil, they sorted it out for me – the Brasilian company then submitted all of my documentation, and filled in all the forms – it should take 30 days from this point to get your confirmation or denial of Visa.


Once your Visa is confirmed, you can begin the process of actually collecting it from the consulate. Like most things this is not entirely simple either. After receving confirmation of acceptance you need to head off to and fill in the application form. Once completed you will need to print off the receipt, sign it and attach a passport photo.

Additionally you will need a certificate (ACRO) from the UK Police force confirming that you do not have a criminal record. These can be obtained from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) – more information and the form. It’s £35 and you’ll get it in about 10 days or so. You’ll need:

  • The Fully completed form
  • 2 Proofs of your current address
  • A recent passport photograph
  • Copy of your passport
  • Payment (Cheque / Postal Order / Draft)

So stick all of this in the post and wait patiently for your response.

Putting it all together

So now you should have in your hands:

  • Completed application form (From the consulate)
  • Your passport
  • ACRO Certificate
  • Payment Method

It’s time to head to the consulate and give them all this information. Part 3

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