Portuguese Characters – Mac Keyboard

Hi all, so I’m learning Portuguese and had a very hard time trying to write on my English mac keyboard, here are the shortcuts you need in order to be able to type correctly accented portuguese – enjoy.

Acute Accent:
Option/Alt + E, Vowel = André

Grave Accent:
Option/Alt + `, Vowel = Às

Circumflex Accent:
Option/Alt + I, Vowel = Você

Option/Alt + N, Vowel = Amanhã

C Cedilla:
Shift + Option/Alt + C = Ç (I couldn’t find a word with the Large Cedilla)

C Cedilla:
Option/Alt + C = Condição

So to write André you would hold the Option/Alt key and then press e at the same time (this shows the Accute Accent), then the vowel you want – easy, peasy.

6 thoughts on “Portuguese Characters – Mac Keyboard”

  1. the large Cedilla would be used to start a word, or just in one total uppercased word. As long as there is no word starting with cedilla in Portuguese, I’d say that it’s a unused letter.

    Great tips :D

  2. I cannot think of a word in portuguese that starts with a large C cedilla…..the cedilla is also not needed if the letters after the c are either e or i, as in você or in the case of a word that has it’s origin in English “Cellular”………..someone might find me wrong here but I think not.

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