Backtrack Linux – Setting up your internet (Wired Ethernet)

Many people struggle to set up their internet on Linux in general (especially if you only have the command line to help you, no GUI’s here folks). There are a few commands you will need to get your head around and I would suggest at least a working knowledge of networks and network topology, it is completely beyond the scope of this article to explain networking and networks. For this example we will use a very simple network, the commands you will need are the following:


Lets assume that your running in a DHCP network to make our lives even easier (this also applys if your running Linux in something like VMWare), so, tap in:


‘ifconfig’ is the Interface configuration program, it will list all available interfaces on your hardware, in my case it shows lo (local loopback) & eth0 (ethernet), we are of course after eth0. So we now issue:

dhclient eth0

We are telling linux to attempt to automagically attach itself to the network and search for a DHCP server and assign itself an IP address – if this command will not run (has an error), chances are that you are not logged in as a root user, so issue:

sudo dhclient eth0

And enter your credentials when prompted, assuming you are in a small simple network, boot your browser of choice and away you go. Next up connecting Wirelesly ;)

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