Vegas 2008 – and a few other states ;)

Grand CanyonCrazy, that’s about the only way to sum the place up (for the 3rd time), I love it, I want to live there and that is all there is to it. Suffered the usual jetlag on the way there but managed to keep myself up until the early hours of the next day so didn’t suffer to bad – to be fair jumping into a 37 degree pool in the morning will wake you up!

The best thing about being back (apart from a huge workload) is the fact that I got a few days off to go and explore. I made it up to Area 51 in Nevada, the Valley of Fire, the Hoover Dam (Major Boring), Death Valley in California and even made it up to the Grand Canyon in Arizona passing through Williams and Flagstaff – god knows how far I drove but I loved every minute of it. The worst part of the trip, dropping my new Nikon D40 having just arrived at the Grand Canyon – God Damn It! Bad news especially seeing as how I needed the camera the day after I returned to the UK for Glastonbury Festival – solution: Went to Best Buy and brought another one – Whew!

Did a ton of HDR work whilst I was over there, you can check out my photos on my Flickr page. And my Mount Charleston photos on here.

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