Day Two of the Brazilian Experience

VW Beetle - Downtown BauruMadness – that just about sums it up. Got to Schipol early…. why bother, took me 2 minutes to find departures and check my baggage in, they are so goddam efficient over here – great stuff, in departures by 6:45am…. whoops, a bit early – but better to be early than late!

12 Hours of fun filled frivolities on the plane (so glad I paid extra for an exit seat), had so much space to myself, lovely service, had about 11 vodkas in a vain attempt to sleep – no chance, just felt like I had a hangover when I landed in Sao Paulo.

Customs: Brasilia this way, Foreigners that way – huge lines, slow customs took me an hour just to get into the airport. Found my ‘guides’ and away we went for the 300km drive to Bauru. Stopped as the ‘Best Petrol Station’ in all of south America on my way for something like a burrito, but was so tired I thought I was going to be sick.

It’s hot, like 27 hot, which is crazy (but this is the start of the Brazilian summer) with 83% humidity, walk outside and you either melt or are soaked in seconds either by profuse perspiration or the crazy rainstorms.

Off to my bed for rest and sleep and up early tomorrow. Come on.


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