Day Three of the Brazilian Experience

Ahhh - the Ornageness of it all!So I’ve had like about 4 hours sleep, didn’t get to my hotel until gone 1am and couldn’t sleep in the heat. I really wish I had learnt some Portuguese before I came here – life would be so much easier.

So down for Breakfast (that’s all I’m saying about it), met up with Frank and off down the sun soaked street for a short stroll to my new office for the next few weeks. Met the team – great guys and gals. Everyone is so friendly over here, I mean – I’ve never felt so welcome anywhere I’ve been, it’s a different way of interacting with people lots of eye contact and no real concept of personal space, with patting and hand shaking – a very touchy feeling (in a good way) bunch of people.

Manic day – all 12 hours of it working, back to the hotel for a picture of the most beautiful orange sunset I have ever seen. Shower and then off to a restaurant called ‘Temple’, for some Pinga (Cachaca) in a Caipirinha which is so good it’s unreal especially mixed with Kiwi. The best steak I have eaten in a long while topped with proper sundered toms and dressing, added to a little risotto – great evening, good company, good Brazilian music and just a relaxing thing to do.

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