Day One of the Brazilian Experience

 KLM Logo - Royal Dutch AirlinesSo I was up at the tender time of 4am this morning, out of the Sheraton by 4:20am and into my waiting taxing to start my trip, starting of course with Terminal 4. Jesus, how much snow, didn’t even occur to me on the slippery taxi ride that the snow may interfere with flights etc, etc – If I had thought about it I probably would have stayed at the Hotel and flown tomorrow!

Anyway, flight is supposed to take off at 6:30am, 6:15am come and goes with no boarding information, I can already feel it, I’m going to have a bad day. So at 6:29am they announce gate 11 for boarding, a mad scramble ensues and the plane is full in a matter of minutes – most people were traveling early to catch connecting flights to either Sao Paulo or Cape Town. 4 and half fucking hours I sat in that plan still attached to the terminal. 11am rolls around and we’ve left, no sooner than we are in the air and drinking our vodka’s, and the pilot announces that we are starting our descent – I forget that it is only 45mins to Schipol.

Land at 1pm ish (don’t forget to add the hour for the Netherlands), totally missed my flight to Brazil. Have to find a transfer desk, the ‘computer’ (and if by computer, they mean worthless piece of shit, then I mean computer) booked me another fight for tomorrow, but with all the wrong seats – I did not get up at 4am on Sunday to checkin with great seats to have them taken away from me now. After a lengthly argument, KLM gave me a better seat for tomorrows flight, and like €10 for food, €10 phone credit and a €50 discount for my next flight (yeah, right). 

So about to leave the Airport and I haven’t even grabbed my baggage yet, I don’t hold out much hope for it as I figure they will hold it until tomorrow (I was right) – 2 and a half hours later and I finally have my bag. Went to the Sheraton to book a room (figuring it would be similarly priced to the UK), not a Fucking chance £220 for 1 night, just for the privilege of being able to walk for 5 minutes, tried the Hilton £190 for 1 night and finally the Mariott £150 for 1 night – Jesus H Christ, what is the world coming to – eventually found the Best Western about 10 minutes away (by shuttle), settled there instead for a comfortable €97 a night (god knows what that translates into, £87.94 as it turns out).

So to sum it all up, I’ve had a shit day and it’s taken me well over 12 hours to travel a couple hundred miles. Tomorrow (providing my god damn plane actually takes off) I will spend another 12 hours in the air, followed by another 4 in a car on my way to Bauru.

Moral of the story – next time – direct flights.


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