Vegas Day 3 / 4 and 5 – Where did all the hours go….

Jesus, no wonder there are no clocks in Vegas, where the hell have the last 3 days been sucked away to?

So Wednesday has been and passed into oblivion. Spent the day looking at Commercial properties all across Vegas and Henderson – I can’t say to much, but my oh my, they really do things differently over here and it will be an interesting few months upon my return to the UK.

Thursday and it’s time for a kind of day off – I haven’t stopped since we arrived in the desert, so it’s a welcome break. Decided that after my win at the Flamingo, I would try my hand in a bigger tourney at the Venetian – goddam – I love the Venetian, it’s just such a classy place in every sense of the word.

12pm rolls around, 165 people entered and the top 18 places paid. That was the longest 7 hours of poker I have ever played. Straight from the off, it was a tough competition. I was never in the lead for the entire 7 hours and every hand I was practically dead, the river saved me more times than I can remember.

I’ve got KK, all in, against AA – the flop comes 78Q, turn comes 2 and the river K – double up! Now sitting with 9,000 chips. Then a few hours later I’ve got 10 10, I go all in with 5,000, the 10 hits on the river! Then I’ve got A7 vs 67, I walk off knowing that I’m beat, big mistake, 32J54 – haha – straight! The tournament started with 7,500 chips, 7 hours later I’ve scrounged up about 30,000, but the blinds are now 3,000 / 1,500 with 500 Ante, I move all in with AK vs AQ, he hits the Q on the river – ain’t karma a bitch!

Friday (that’s today I think), spent the morning at Green Valley Ranch down in Henderson (awesome place) looking at properties, just ‘oh my god’ I can get a 4 bed house for like £130,000, must. get. greencard.

Entered the Venetian again at 7pm, thought I’d try my luck again. Crazy tournament, just crazy – finished in 52nd out of 130. Long story short – I had 3,200 in chips – the blinds are 600 / 1200 with a $75 Ante, and I was the next big blind which would have left me with 1,925 (not very threatening!), got dealt 88, went all in, 2 players joined the hunt, got dished by a pair of K’s!

Totally knackered, and totally off to Washington on Sunday, so must get this gambling head back into the maniacal work routine. I love LV!

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