Vegas – Day 2…. A winner I am!

Yes!! 5 final tables, and I have managed to actually win an event! Went over to the Flamingo for the 6pm tournament, got to the last three and we all decided to ‘chop-it’ $1200 split three ways = $400 for lil old me!

What saved me, a pair of Kings, so the flop comes K A 2 and I’m all like – great Trip K’s, then in comes the 9, then an Ace, I look at the board and all I can see are the four spades, the asian bloke I’m playing heads-up is laughing and he thinks he got the Flush (which he has), I get up wander off, nope, I got the full house – adios Asian dude, hello the money!

So being the clever so and so I am, and thinking that the next tourney I entered would also get me to the final table – entered the Caesars Palace ‘Bounty’ Tournament – basically for every player you knock out you get $50. Finished in 12th place – aaargh, no final table, must be more careful, but when your being blinded out and you have 1125 in chips left (the largest on our table was about 10,000), what can you do.

Anyway, been a great day of meeting and event and I’ve done all sorts. To top it off, the pussy cat dolls were playing at Pure in Caesars Palace for Mariah Carey’s party or some such rubbish like that, great stuff!

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