Vegas – Day 1 – Here we go again….

View from a 747, utah....So it’s 6am over in Vegas, I got into bed at 10:30pm last night after a 28 hour stint with no sleep. Had an awesome trip over, I don’t ever want to travel in ‘cattle class’ again after experiencing the beauty of premium economy – 2 seats, not three, nicer food, drinks, view, service and company – the 10 hour flight was a breeze rather than a nightmare. I suppose it helped that I was in the Virgin lounge at Gatwick before departure – fantastic.

Got into vegas at about 1pm ish, cab to the Paris – god, it’s like we have never left, nothing has changed, the relentless machine keeps its wheels turning, constantly sucking money from it’s unsuspecting victims. Grabbed a SOTB with some blueberry Stolli, some Wheel of Misery and of course $40 on my Diamond Spinner – which I lost.

Later on, Andy and I entered the Poker tournament at the Flamingo, I made the final table and ended up 2 and half hours later leaving the tournament in a respectable 5th – 2 places off the money – damn!

One thought on “Vegas – Day 1 – Here we go again….”

  1. Just keeping an eye on “what is he doing in Vegas” for god’s sake win a few million. I can then retire.

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