Transferring Email – Apple Tiger to Leopard….

This used to be such a headache, but now it’s pretty simple, providing you take a few simple steps, you can be up and transferred in no time at all.

A good piece of advice is to always clean up your email before you do a transfer, if you only have 10 – 20Mb of data, then don’t bother – but if your like me and have a 2Gb+ mailbox, a bit of spring cleaning never foes amiss. Simple things – just remove any unwanted inbox items, get rid of those old emails that you have sent, clean the junk mail folder and lastly empty the trash (unless you really want to take it with you) – with any luck your mailbox will now be smaller (saved me about 400Mb).

Fish out your mail files on the Tiger machine, go and visit [Username]/Library/Mail/ and [Username]/Library/Mail Downloads where the [Username] is the name of your account.

Copy all of this information to a CD, HDD or a network location accessible by the new machine. Lastly, visit [Username]/Library/Preferences/and find the and copy this too.

Now on your new machine, copy all of the files into their respective locations, they are the same locations on a Leopard machine – run mail, and you will probably be asked for the passwords for your account. You can get around this by copying over your keychain from the old system – but that is a conversation for another time.

3 thoughts on “Transferring Email – Apple Tiger to Leopard….”

  1. I tried this and while all the folders show up there appears no mail. Even though if I find them through the hard drive they appear to be there? Any help would be appreciated

  2. Have you made sure that all the files / folders have been restored to the exact same locations under Leopard? Many people put the file under ~/Library when they need to be under [AccountName]/Library.

    If you have followed the instructions I can see no reason why this should not work.

    Try restarting mail and selecting ‘Rebuild Mailbox’ from the options menu.

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