Vegas Day 11 or 12 or 13??

The Venetian and Me!My god, I HAVE to stop drinking! The days have just blurred into one another. So Wednesday spent most of the day time working because Andy was still in the WSOP. Ended up in a club in NYNY called ‘Coyote Ugly’ – nice place, loud, friendly not so good with the Karaoke at all! I watched 4 stunningly beautiful women completely butcher ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and so left! Went into the Venetian for Dinner at about 3am in what was quite possible the poshest restaurant that I have ever graced. Did some time in Treasure Island (no pirates), and some other places (I forget) – the funniest thing? Walking outside at what I thought was about maybe 3:30am and the sun was high in the sky, shining brightly – turns out I didn’t even get into bed until 7:30am the next day – that was one very long and enjoyable night!

Got about 4 hours sleep and then welcome to Thursday, crazy town! Grabbed some breakfast (nearly didn’t keep that down) and tried to relax for the day, spent most of it in bed nursing a sore head, could not face the heat today!! Anyway, longer story even shorter than the last, ended up in ‘The Bank’ which is a nightclub in the Bellagio (it’s a vegas club, oh yes), WOW! Amazing place, marbled floors, awesome lighting, everyone in smart casual, some big players in their – I dread to think how many people I bumped into last night, but let’s just say that when I arose from my pit this morning, my phone was chokker with txt’s and I even managed to grab some pics of whatever the hell I was up to last night, or the night before!!

Everything is backwards here, from fear and loathing:

Raoul Duke: [referring to the knife Acosta is holding] Jesus Christ, where’d you get that thing?
Dr. Gonzo: Room Service sent it up, I needed something to cut the limes.
Raoul Duke: Limes? What limes?
Dr. Gonzo: They didnt have any, they don’t grow in the desert.

I’ll be back in the UK on Sunday morning although if i’m honest i’d rather stay Stateside. The dreary trudge of wet old England does not befit me well at all. Viva Las Vegas!

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