Vegas Day…. Yeah, right, what day is it again?

Pool at Palms HotelSo onto another day in the death heat of the desert. Rolled in to bed at about 5am this morning, but up by 10am – the heat man! Yesterday was a bit of a ‘chill pill’ day really, His bossness the Royal Ice was playing in a satellite over at the Bellagio, so I chilled in the Ballys for a while – ‘Clap, Clap’ Ice got through to the main $70,000 event in the Evening, so I just chilled in my room and on the Casino floor.

Long day, cut short, Andy got put out of the tournament after 4 hours, so we met up in a bar in the Paris, had a couple of Buds (or in my case some voddy’s) and then hit ‘The Artisan’ for the Winners party – hahaha – it was dead! Dead as a fucking dodo, great place, nice atmoshpere, crazy paintings stuck to the ceiling and some memorable guests – so we left and dedcided to go to the Palms – ‘The Greatest NightSpot in Vegas’ apparently?? Anyway the clubs all looked closed (it was 3am on a Monday night), so we hit up the bar, more strong drinks and got chatting to some ladies – who were hookers – Ashanti (as in a shanti town, cause that’s exactly where it looked like she had come from) and the other had a name that wouned like shit –  we left – alone!

I headed out onto the Strip at about 4am, ended up in some Irish bar, listening to inane bollocks and getting merry – didn’t last long, bed by 5am.

The kicker?? Found out this morning that the Playboy Club WAS open at palms and the winners party had been moved there – thanks for the warning guys – fucking hell!

Daily Note: Someone somewhere must do Darren sized portions?? Hmmm? Nobody could possibly eat a fucking 120oz steak – that’s just not possible!

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