Vegas Day 10

Wheel Of MiserySo, these long nights are becoming a bit of a habit – mix that up with work and you’ve got one crazy concoction! Up at a reasonable time this morning, had breakfast and did a bit of work – yes I know I said I’d take it easy – but trust me, a bit of time on lappie saves me several hundred $’s downstairs!!

Met up with Andy and the pool and had a ‘Turkey’ club sandwich and yes, as usual they brought me out an entire turkey covered with two tiny bits of bread – man oh man, eating a sarny by the pool in the desert – not the most comfortable experience. Entered the Paris poker tourney yesterday and made it into the last 14, out again just off the money!

I played poker with Andy 3 times since I’ve been here and every time stayed in longer, but these little tourney’s are crap shoots – who gives a shit going all in with nothing – it’s only like $70 or something – I doubt Andy is playing anything but Gold at the WSOP today! – Bastard – Just had a phone call from Andy- ‘What’s the number for Virgin Atlantic, we’re off home’ – WHAT? Oh, your only joking, right, funny – from the sounds of it Andy is in good shape over at the Rio.

No gambling today – absolutely none and I feel great – shopping tomorrow if I get time and fancy getting myself scorched!

Yesterday was another relax day, getting prepared for the big event today!

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