Vegas Day 8 – The show….

Cirque Du SoleilSo we’re all still good, trying to get in a bit of rest before the big day on Wednesday. I didn’t actually get up until 3pm this afternoon after last night – it’s a weird sensation, grabbing an elevator downstairs after just getting up and straight away you hit the Casino floor – lights, noise, smoke and so many people gambling!!

Anyway – turns our I hadn’t eaten for about 28 hours, so went to a nice restaurant and had a 16oz steak which not only woke me up, but also made me consider the possibilty that I might need a heart bypass soon!!! Some more gambling ensued and then we book into the Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Love’ by the Beatles over in the Mirage.

Turned up early and played some Blackjack – not going to well there. But the show was amazing, better than amazing, so precise, the colours, the lighting, the choreography, just a masterful spectacle shining with all it’s might – it really will leave a lasting impression, maybe I’ll get to see ‘O’ before I leave – let’s see how things pan out on Wednesday!!

If my memory serves me correctly – tonight we’re off to a ‘Winner’s Party’ for all the WSOP qualifiers that made it through to day 2 – no idea where, what time or even how, but we’ll see later on this evening.

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