Vegas Day 7…. I think.

Caesars Palace - Medallion

I have no idea how long I have been here or even what day it is – I was asking the staff last night at Caesars what day it was – the kicker – they didn’t seem to phased, they must get asked that alot!

Anyway, yesterday way long, spent alot of my time at the Rio reporting on Ice and his progress through the World Series – did I mention, Andy is through to DAY TWO!!!! Good on you mate! So I was getting various Cabs and shuttles to and from the Rio, saw some awesome play from some of the pro’s and kept a blow by blow account over on the poker blog – really great stuff, made better by the progress into the 2nd day!

So evening time (circa, 12:30am) we met up and started having a little drink or 20! I eventually ended up at Caesars Palace watching the Blackjack tables – and got this awesome Medallion (I have a deal with the boss, to wear it all week long – when in Vegas etc), won some cash on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’, which made me have a few celebratory drinks of course – got into my sack at about 5/6am this morning – we have a three day respite now from the WSO, so we’ll find some stuff to do and then straight back on it! Maybe see the Cirque Du Solie tonigh.

Note: Vegas is very busy! Caesars has more entrances than Tiverton has homes, that photo was taken at 5:30am, so that explains the graveyard like appearance of both myself and the surroundings!

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