Vegas Day 6

A very quite day today for the most part, got up late, grabbed a buffet breakfast (I haven’t eaten anything other than breakfast since getting here) – got the let the Boss get prepared for the WSOP tomorrow. Spent some time in the Paris, a bit of shopping at Bellagio, quite a bit of money poured into the slots.

Eventually made it to the Rio (via shuttlebus – very warm), to check out the WSOP 1st day, fucking mental – the place was so busy and it’s only going to get worse the further into the tournament we get – saw Gus Hansen and snapped a pic of him and Andy. Watched some Blackjack with these idiot Americans that really didn’t have a clue what they were doing – they were hemoraging chips within minutes. Met Angela from LA, I tell you – if all the women from LA are as insane as here, I’ll be moving there tomorrow – sounds like a great place to live!

Met up with the Poker Glasses guys, met them a few days back – them seem to be doing alright – check them out at: Royal Eyewear. Grabbed some freebies off the various stands – most of it tat to be fair.

We even managed to make it over to the ‘Planet Hollywood’, although it’s very difficult to anything but stare at the sheer number of dancers – they are everywhere, bad place to gamble – good place to gawk!!

Went to the Fontana room in the Bellagio later on and spent another 3 hours trying to catch the fountains playing Botticelli, and finally at 11:45am – we got it, great stuff. Hit a few bars and then hit my sack about 4am this morning.

Finally, it’s the 4th of July, so I’m surrounded by American flags, fireworks and a whole lot of patriotism, they love it. I don’t know whether to be happy for them or a bit pissed off – they are after all celebrating their Independence from the United Kingdom- they must be glad to rid of us!!

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