Vegas Day 5 – GUNS!!!!

Today’s the day – the day we go….. to the Gun Store. OMFG, I’d already spent $1000 before I even got to shoot anything – so many piecs of hardware but I settled on the ‘Assault’ package, and gave a dup package to Andy as my thank you present, he’s been great while I’ve been here. So $130 get you 25 x Rounds and the AK47 to stick it with, 50 x Rounds at the eminent H&K MP5 (wow), also 5 x Round and a Reminton Assault Shotgun (this is THE bitch) and like 10 x Rounds in a Glock 17 (but we got 10 bonus rounds being the ‘nice’ english gents that we are).

MP5 Darren at the Gun Store

We shot some video of it all going off – but all I can say is do this if your in Vegas, this was the most fun I have had so far, putting 5 cartridges through Bin Laden’s head!! I’ve still got all the target’s and my free t-shirt so I’ll bring it all back to the UK, think I’ll be framing my attempt with the AK mind you – what a crazy gun, all over the place and such a kick, but nothing compared to the shotty! Have totally busted up my shoulder with the shooting!!

Check out the Remington Shotgun Video on you tube. The best one is at the bottom of this page, so check them both out!

Earlier on today I played in the Ballys tournament (I have now moved into the Ballys), short stacked by the 5th interval (1600 in chips, blinds up to 400/800) so I was practically dead anyway, went all in AD 8D, the flop came, A 5 2, I’m in front, the turn card is rag, what on’s the river? it’s a 7, and my heads up is against someone with 77, FUCK! Goddam river rat.

AK47 - Stop, Listen!

After the shooting we headed down to ‘Old Las Vegas’ in Freemont, saw some of the old style Vegas, like the Golden Nugget, etc – it’s all under cover now, pretty old and shit to be honest with you – full of mancunians going on about how it’s just like fucking Blackpool – yeah right! Northerners, I don’t know. Grabbed a cab with the most miserble cabby in Vegas – ‘Don’t go uptown, fare’s to short’, what an idiot, if he went uptown to the Bellagio he’s be making more that $100 an hour, in fact he was such a miserable cu*t, that we got out and then preceeded to walk back to where we got picked up!!! Andy dragged me around for what seems like days into various Pawn shops looking for Gold (people just don’t want to do business!)- hot, knackered, just wanted a drink – but to be fair, he picked up a ridiculously ‘blingy’ ring and chain for nothing – he totally looks the part now, we’ll call him the ‘Governator’ with his shotgun, lol!

Later on in the evening we finally made it to the Stratosphere, the highest man made structure in Nevada – and it’s high, but has the best view of everything – just wow. I was so tired, my nose hasn’t stop bleeding, my feet were killing me and I had a banging headache – bed for me!

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