Vegas Day 3 and 4

I’m sorry I haven’t updated this recently – the trouble with Vegas is that day and night don’t seem to have a great deal of meaning over here. It’s perpetually 5.30pm in the Paris, no Casino has a clock that you can see and you end up wandering out into the hot desert sun thinking it’s only like 12am and then you realise that it’s actually 11.30 in the morning and time for brekkie, you get to the breakfast bar, and of course they have stopped serving breakfast, so you end up having a chinese for your ‘late’ breakfast!!!

A room in the Paris Hotel - Vegas

 So I entered a tournament at the Bally’s yesterday – made it to the Final table, knocked out in 7th, 2 places off the money – I lost it far and square, came to the table short stacked and got blinded out of the tourney – 1st Tournament, 1st Final Table – oh yeah!

Entered another tourney at the Paris in the evening (they have a really bad poker room, cold, lifeless and the most miserable bloke running it ever), again – short stacked, blinded out – 2 tourneys, 2 final tables – that’s goo dnews for me.

Andy got me on the ‘devil’ machines – the Wheel of Fortune my ass – more like wheel of misery!! Hello $100, goodbye $100, and that’s my two minutes of fun gone. Found some ‘Diamond Spinners’ (like a digital reel machine) – quaded up my money – so happy with that – lost it all about an hour later, hahaha!!

Shot some craps with Andy, what a game – you can easily make $10,000 in a half hour, but easily lose that in the throw of a die!

Paris hotel, night-time.

Spent some time at the Bellagio as well, drinking ‘Vodka 7’ which is great, more refreshing than a Dakari – but nice none the less! Caught some Blackjack last night, walked away up, so happy with that as well.

One thing I can never get over in the states, is the food – yeah – give me a small meal – not happening. I’ve eaten like a king (only really eat breakfast though), but jesus christ! You ask for a small steak sandwhich and they bring you a 16oz steak wrapped in an entire loaf of bread, enough chips to feed half of China and charge you $10 for it!

Met some of the WSOP qualifiers last night at the ‘LeFleur’ room in the Wynn (another huge casino), was wasted before I even left the reception – never a good idea to be drunk, while trying to gamble – making stupid bets, but hey, you play on the big tables, everything is a comp (complimentary), so I was just chilling with my free Marlboroughs, and V7’s!

In a nutshell it has been Manic – but I’m loving every minute of it – now if I can just get this fucking laptop turned off and stop working I’ll really enjoy the ‘oven’.

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