Vegas Day 2

Wow, last night was crazy – I’ve was up for 26hrs then my body just gave up completely and I slept right through until this morning!! So turned on the news this morning and what did I see but the following rather ridiculous weather forecast:

The Weather in Vegas

Some crazy type of rain due – it’s rains but the desert is so hot, it evaporates before it gets to the ground! I cannot get over the heat – even the wind is hot – I know how a chicken feels come sunday roast time!

Up resonably early this morning, breakfast in the Paris, went to the Venetian, the Palazio, Caesars Place (it’s the size of Tiverton), Wynns, a couple of others I forget the name of – spent money in them all :( but didn’t lose very much at all! The crazy thing is, if you got into the Venetian you’ll see the following:

Venetian Casino Canals

Yep, a canal – but that sky ain’t real, the canal is on the 2nd floor – there’s an entire casino underneath!! The mind boggles as to how the hell they do all this – a shit load of cash springs to mind! So, I’m back at the hotel room – a quick coffee and this post and then I think I’ll enter a Poker Tournament and of course catch the fabulous fountain display at the Bellagio – see the video below – just WOW!

Fucking video embedding – I hate this proprietary rubbish go to: for the Daytime View and for the night-time view, they are both worth watching but they do not come anywhere near the magnificence of the real thing!

Final thought – it’s hotter here than Istanbull, Egypt and Delhi! And it’s hotter at 5pm than it is an 1pm with the mid-day sun, what’s up with that??

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  1. Instanbul has one ‘l’ idiot! Turn off the stupid ‘Imerycan’ I-can’t-spellchecker!

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