Vegas Day 1

Drove to Gatwick yesterday, got to the Hotel in one piece and the BMW made it all the way without so much as a grumble. Grabbed a shuttle into Gatwick Airport and did the twilight checkin – was relived when the checkin lady politely informed me that there would be something like 2500 checking in Today to fly – woohoo, Twilight checkin all the way. Sleep.

Up this morning at the cocks crow, and off to the Airport – fuckin checkin staff told me to be early, I was in Departures by bloody 8.20am – no boarding until like 10am or something – I hate waiting, but I hate being late even more!! Tiny seat (don’t belive that crap they tell you on their website), nice staff, niceish food, I’ll be landing in 2 hours and then it’s immigration (am I the only one who finds that insulting), taxi to the Paris then off to the Rio to find Andy who I hear is still in a tournament, making his millions no doubt :) Hello Nevada Desert! See you all later.

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