The Countdown to Vegas….

Ace Protagonist LogoCompletely off topic (with regards to this blog), but just wanted to share with you all that I’m off to the Nevada desert come Sunday morning – off to lose a fortune no doubt, and to come back to dear old blighty burnt to a crisp.

In honor of this momentous occasion I thought I might whip up a kind of Poker personality (to scare off the competition of course) and here ‘he’ is the infamous ‘Ace Protagonist’ – let’s hope it works and I can use my psychology to get into their heads before my chip stack dwindles into oblivion. The boss is over in Vegas as we speak entering god knows how many tournaments, far more experienced and a much better poker player – you can catch him in the world series this year. Check out his site at Ice Diamond Poker, it’s well worth a quick read.

I’ll be updating this blog daily when I finally hit the Desert and hopefully have a few interesting stories to tell. Mmmm – Desert :)

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