Bastard Tanker Drivers – UK Fuel Strike

Fuel Strike in the UKI don’t normally comment on the current state of the UK, but this has really got me going. You know, these fat idiots (ever seen a light-weight lorry driver) get paid between £31k and £35k a year for driving a lorry full of fuel up and down our motorways. They want like £42k a year to deliver our fuel. It’s not like their protesting for fuel duty or the inordinate cost of fuel – just a bunch of greedy bastards. Holding dear old blightly to ransom for nought more than a hefty pay increase (far out of line with current inflation). Teachers and Nurses get paid less than these lazy gits.

Talk to a lorry driver – ‘it’s a dangerous job’ they’ll tell you ‘would you like to drive a bomb’? A bomb – what the hell are you on about, last time I checked you were driving down the M5 with complete disregard for the motorists around you, driving like absolute braindead idiot, reading a copy of the Sun, it’s not like you driving through Basra or down a street in Kandahar taking enemy fire is it? Although if your carry on like this you might very well be taking some sort of retaliation from the British public.

Sack them – there are a ton of unemployed people that would gladly do your ‘dangerous’ job, the UK has no sympathy for your reckless demands – hand out the P45’s, give a big 2 fingers to Brussles and the inevitable human-rights issues that will arise (because we all know you can’t sack anyone these days), and get some new, better, more committed staff in to do a job which you obviously have so much difficulty doing. Do what Giulani did in NY – mass sackings. Why should we have to put up with this shit?

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