God Damn It – Burgled

My current residence is a lovely 600 year old flat based in a tiny little town called Tiverton. It seems that while I have been away, some drug – crazy scumbags have busted open my downstairs window and had their wicked way with my fair property. Quite a feeling it is wandering through the remains of your property when it feels as though your house was at ground zero in Hiroshima – stuff everywhere.

Not only were they idiotic enough to burgle my house, they were stupid enough to try and use my ‘stolen’ credit card. They have since been arrested by the British transport police (and charged with something else in an entirely unrelated matter), and now they are to be arrested again charged with the burglary of my house amongst other things – last I heard the case had been passed to CID and they were excited at such a big catch. I hope they rot in prison – Bastards.

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