iPod Touch not Mounting in Leopard / Syncing

iPod TouchSo, I finally ditched Tiger and went for the newness that is Leopard – not without its problems which I will explain in another post. My problem? My shiny iPod touch won’t mount / sync or even be recognised by iTunes – it charges but that’s it (and I suspect the charging is down to USB not iTunes). What to do – fix it like this.

Fixing iPod Mounting Problems under Leopard

  1. Open up your Applications directory (Command / Shift / A) and put iTunes into the Trash Can.
  2. Go to Folder (Apple / Shift / G) and enter “/System/Library/Extensions” (without the quotes), find AppleMobileDevice.kext and put that in the trash as well.
  3. Again – go to folder (Apple / Shift / A) and enter “/Library/Receipts” (minus quotes), find AppleMobileDeviceSupport.pkg and put that in the trash to.
  4. Empty the trash (and keep fingers crossed!!)
  5. Point your browser at www.apple.com/itunes and grab the latest copy, install and eureka, it’s fixed!

Even if you have loads of music on your mac, it shouldn’t make any difference as your library is stored in Music – I’ve got about 10,000 songs and everything works as normal including iPod Syncing!!!

12 thoughts on “iPod Touch not Mounting in Leopard / Syncing”

  1. Thanks a lot – that did it for me. Saved me from growing grey hair over that stupid bug as well. ;-)

  2. Thank you, but one thing – after i restart my computer, i have the same problem all over again.PLEASE help!!

  3. @Diego – What version of Tiger are you using? As far as I know this fix works on all versions – if you have followed the instructions and it is still not working a search of the Apple Discussions forums would probably be your next port of call.

  4. Wow. Forgot I had posted here, I can’t remember what I did to fix this, I think I redid the steps and it worked. Was running leopard not tiger. Formatted my hard drive to leopard again, and had the same problem. I remembered I had done something to fix it, but I couldnt find the place where I found the fix. Wow- what a coincidence, found the same post 4 months later.

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