Day Two – The Whitehouse, Metro and Walking….

Up early this morning (6am), my body clock is still working on UK time. It’s Sunday, so nothing opens until like 11/12 ‘o’ clock, so I went off and had a strange breakfast. Everyone is obsessed with coffee, so no fresh earl grey for me this morning – coffee and OJ and a breakfast buffet – basically a bagel, scrambled eggs, bacon and a shit-load of maple syrup, yummy! Caught a shuttle bus into Pentagon City and wandered around a closed shopping mall – and then saw my own personal mecca – an apple store. Decided to visit it later and went off on walkabout to find the Pentagon.

Look at me, I’m the Whitehouse

Walking around I found this road sweeper and asked where the Pentagon was – gibberish was what I relieved and we were both soon to walking through a car park in search of this elusive building! Ended up wandering under a freeway to these 3 strange spikes (the air service memorial), over some more roads, grass, more roads, more grass until the grass ran out and we were about to cross a freeeway on foot! Wasn’t until we turned around that the Pentagon was staring us smack in the face (it is huge!), wandered around it checking out all of photography prohibited signs – grabbed a few pics :) No Photos PleaseSaw the needle, congress and even managed to get down tp the Abraham Lincoln Memorial (the statue is huge). Went to see theWhithouse (as you have to see it when your here) and then caught the Metro back to Pentagon City to visit the Apple Store – whahhey!

Back to the Mal, had a McD’s, it was digusting, nothing like the McD’s in the UK, undercooked and tasted like a bit of rubber – won’t be going there again – EVER! The Apple store was like my own personal heaven, I had spent $1000’s of dollars before I had even got in the door. Played with the iPhone – WOW, what a fantastic piece of kit, saw the new iMacs, the touch and a couple of Apple geniuses. Got an iPod touch (these things are so sexy) and that was that. Went into Radio shack and brought a new camera for peanuts, some memory cards for peanuts and a couple of tops in Footlocker or something like that! Back to the Hilton and then a drive in the Mustang to Outback Steakhouse where my poor stomach managed to ingest a 14oz sirloin steak – I’m stuffed, tomorrow we’re off the Annandale to see eDirectory, so must get the mind in work mode and make sure everything runs along smoothly.

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