Day One – Bristol – New York – Washington DC

Whew! Well day one is nearly over and what a crazy day it has been! Up at 6am then off to Bristol airport to catch our flight – 7h and 22mins in the air (in our larg-ish 757) and we hit New York (looks great from the air), New York airport was crazy busy, the airtrain (like an airport monorail type thing) broke down and by the time we got our bags, passed through immigration, transfered our stuff and got to the departure gate we had less than 5 minutes to board! Caught a minature jet to DC which was a welcome break after the long squashed conditions of the previous flight, only took us 48Minutes of flight and we hit DC. Grabbed a shuttle bus to the car rental place as picked up:

Ford Mustang and Darren

That’s right – a Ford Mustang Convertable and it’s absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to drive this beauty down the freeway! Decided to drive on down to Annandale to see where we have to meet the folks from eDirectory, brilliant! Wide roads, a top speed of 55mph, relaxed drivers and a beautiful city to see. The sat nav is rubbish, tried to ask it to find us a hotel and it took us to a school. After much flying, driving and walking we finally ended up at the Hilton so things worked out pretty well. Onto Day 2!

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