Ars Technica Pissed Web Coder?

I often get a few minutes off while designing the complexities of our latest and greatest projects, so imagine my surprise whilst browsing ars code and I found this link to one of their javascript files:

Loved it – iesux.js, I can almost see that moment.

The web coder (bob) is sitting at his desk – “There, finished!”, enter Boss character “Uh, bob we’ve just tried the site in IE…… a few problems…..”, back to bob “What? Oh, for fucks sake, fucking IE, 12 months I’ve been on this this F’in project and now it all goes to shit…. right….. right, ok….. I’ll fix it” the boss leaves, back to bob, “I’ll F’ing fix it alright. Right…. new file…. enter name…. iesux… yeah that’ll do it’

I know how he feels, even the VARS in the file reflect the obviously aggressive mood:

var iesux = {
    stupid_highlight_bug : function(e){
    stupid_sticky_positioning : function(e){ var body..
    fix_stupid_bugs: function(){ iesux.stupid_highlight_bug();.. 
    iesux.stupid_sticky_positioning(); $('#Sidebar').show();..

This is a constant source of absolute irritation in my daily work patterns, make something beautiful, something sexy, something clever, test, test and test again. Finalise it, few more tests…. oh it’s fucked – scream! Rewrite several times for IE compatibility, test, fix, test, fix and if I’m lucky deploy.

Maybe I’m just a crappy coder! The thought had occured.

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