360 Red Ring of Death (Part 2)

So, the box is back for barely 2 days (from it repair ordeal), I’d sold it to one of my very good, console loving, game playing friends and it’s already fucked – damn, those repair men are really doing a good job for Microsoft. Back on to the phone, more arguments with Microsoft and just maybe it’ll be back in time to witness the end of the universe.

Not the case!! I phones Microsoft Customer Support and got through to a really helpful rep, told him the problems:

  • Power button has to be pushed really hard to turn console on (and sticks)
  • HDD Cover missing
  • Console won’t play disc’s (Games and DVD’s) – get the media read error

I got an apology, an omission (that the Support line is inundated with calls, they can’t cope) and a packing label within 2 hours! I also told that somebody from Microsoft’s compensation department would be ringing me to ‘keep my mouth shut’ (aka. Have something for free), not bad at all.

20 Minutes later and the compensation guys are on the phone, the call went something like this:

Me: What the deal then
Them: We can offer you a game for free
Me: Go on then, shoot, what have you got?
Them: How about PGR3?
Me: Got it, next?
Them: Perfect Dark Zero?
Me: Got that, and it’s not that great anyway, next?
Them: OK…. how about Viva Pinata… all the kids are raving about it!?
Me: Yeah, they may be, but a) I’m not a kid and b) I’ve already got it! Anything else?
Them: Kameo?
Me: …………
Them: Maybe not then, we could offer you an accessory instead, how would that suit you?
Me: What would suit me is not having to wait another 30 days for my console to come back?
Them: ……………
Them: So, we could offer you a play and charge kit?
Me: Got it already.
Them: A Wireless pad?
Me: ….. Got Several ……
Them: (Nervously)… The only other thing we can offer is a wireless headset?
Me: Great, haven’t got one of those, send it over….
Me: Or better yet, stop shafting me and get my console back within a few weeks rather than a few months?
Me: Come on, this is fucking ridiculous? I’ve got Halo3 on Preorder like everyone else in the world, you robbed me of Bioshock, I had to buy a new elite to play my games while I waited for you untrained, uninformed indian monkeys to fuck me over a barrel, I’ve got a freebie so brownie points but all I really want is good service and my xbox back!!
Them: ……….
Them: I’ll see what I can do sir.

The attach rate for the 360 is something like 5.6 (which is unprecedented for a console), I’m 27, have a high disposable income, own nearly every game (worth owning) for the 360 and would consider myself part of their core market – it’s inevitable that I have it all, the wireless headset is a really nice gesture and I’m glad that my packing label turned up in a few hours rather that 3 days, but you know – all us RROD xbox owners really want is a working console delivered on time and in working order.

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