The story so far…..

So, it’s been a hectic few weeks, I’ve barely had time to sit on my rosy red. Was in London a few weeks ago, to attend ROA2007 (Rave on Air) – a huge broadcast event run by the Uni I got my degree at. I’ve been trying to find the time to go, and this yeaqr finally managed to get a few days up there. Thank god for TomTom, I would never have gotten around the Hanger Lane Gyratory System without it, not the mention the north circular – I love driving in London, puts a smile on my face and a clenched fist on the wheel!

So, I got back to Devon, then a phone call, did I want to work at the Glastonbury Festival, that makes it 6 years in a row (not including the off year last year) – Brilliant, into work, got the time (I got asked ona sunday night, went in monday morning to ask for the week off) and jumped in my trusty car for the long drive. The festival was great until some badness happened at home and I had to return on a frickin thursday night, (the festival starts on a fri!). Got my passes, so had a pretty much free reign of the entire site, although I spent most of my time in the farmhouse hunting down those cheeky eBay ticket sellers. Always at work me!

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