The new broadband?

So, we finally switched the broadband for the entire company last week. We moved lines from both IZR solutions and BT over onto Griffin Internet. Admittedly, we had the obligatory 10 day ‘wibbely-wobbeley’ period while the lines decided which speed they wanted to run at, not a bad result at our main building. We load-balance two incoming connections over a Sonicwall TZ-170, and they both achieve an acceptable 3-4Mb, with their upstreams set to approx 78Kbps, giving us a total upstream in peak times of 156Kbps, which I’m more than happy with – quite a jump from 54Kbps!

I’ve got one on the lines covering my house on a rangemax router, and the figure above is what I’m getting on a 802.11g connection, I haven’t even upgraded the MBP to n yet, but I’ll be trying it shortly – I don’t expect an increase in speed but owing to leaving the 2.4Ghz band, I am expecting less interference and a more steady connection speed.

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