Macbook Pro

Macbook ProSo it looks as if my 12″ powerbook is about to leave my side, it’s been all over the world with me and the only cosmetic damage is a missing rubber foot and a z key which falls off occasionally, I’ll be sad to see the little girl go. I’m sure it will go to a good home (most likely one of the production team), the agonising decision I had to make is what to replace it with.

I love Apple, I love their products, their aesthetics and their whole brand, but choosing a new laptop has become an increasingly difficult task, with reduced product life cycles and Apple’s renowned secrecy, it’s hard to know when to buy and when to wait. I was just going to plonk down the cash (my company was) and get a Macbook, but then your start thinking about glossy vs matt screen (that’s another debte entirely), reduced ram, integrated graphics – I only really wanted it for a bit of web design, graphic design, coding, print work, network maintainence…. ah, you see the problem, suddenly I realise that I need it for a lot of different tasks. Goodbuy Macbook, hello Macbook Pro.

I went with 2gb of ram and the 160gb HDD upgrade. It’s £350 ($680) extra for the additional 1gb of ram and there was no way I’m going to pay that, 1gb extra (2gb stick) of lappie ram can be brought for £150!!

My only two concerns now are

  • Waiting for it to turn up
  • Reorganising the powerbook with UB applications so the transition goes as smoothly as possible

Although I might just transfer everything over manually, that way I can be sure the laptop will work the way I want it to.

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