The perfect DVD rip (the simplest) – Part 1

Got a mac? Got some DVD’s? Why not put them on your mac with this handy little guide. This is just one of many ways of ripping and backing up your DVD’s, this is the absolute simplest way of doing it – you’ll need three pieces of software, but you could probably get away with just two of them if you don’t mind using Mac os to burn your discs. So download the following pieces of software:

Mac the Ripper (free)
Dvd2OneX (inexpensive)
Toast Titanium (expensive-ish, although you can do this without toast)

The Problem
Your on a train / plane, in a car and you want to watch your favourite films, but there are a few problems with this.

  • Carrying around a load of DVD so you have some variety, those cases can be bulky
  • Carrying around dics without their cases risks scratching them
  • Playing discs in your laptop drains the battery at a much higher rate

So you rip your discs onto your hard drive and watch a selection of them from here. So stick your DVD into the drive and if it runs close DVD Player. Load up Mac the Ripper (MTR) and let it scan the disc which it will do automatically. You will be presented with the following screen.

Mac the ripper 02

If you click where it says ‘Mode’ you can choose which parts of the disc you would like to rip. If you like watching everything including all those extras then leave it as is with ‘Full Disc Extraction’. You may want to look at the options in the drop down list and select ‘Movie Only’ saving you a bit if space on your hard disk. Click go and choose where to save your disc, wait for the rip to complete and the little bomberman to give you his warning – you’ll see what I mean.

Your done!
Now if all you want to do is watch the film, open up dvd player and click ‘File -> Open DVD Media and navigate to the folder you just created, play! But maybe you want the shrink your DVD rips down a bit to save space or maybe you would like to burn these ‘backups’ onto a disc for safekeeping? There will be another post on this soon!

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