Glastonbury film UK Premiere

So there I was last night at the Strode Theatre in Street (That’s near Glastonbury). I went down to watch the UK Premiere of ‘Glastonbury’ the Julien Temple film about the last 35 years of the Glastonbury festival – what can I say, it was emotional.

From the opening blackness with the sound of squelching mud and the crowds undulating like a sea of exasperated revelers all contained in the 1000 acre site with the same aim, to live as one entity for those 3 days of the year. I think Billy Brag said it best when he said “Your not just buying a ticket to the festival, your buying a piece of the festival, an event which rises from nothing, you experience it, 3 days later it’s lost forever”.

Both festival goers and film addicts alike will embrace this film with equal enthusiasm, for the first time in a long time an accurate portrayal of a moving and unforgettable experience. I feel lucky to have played a part in what can only be described as a masterpiece.

The Observers take on the film: here
And here for the Guardians take on the film – “The Fun, the Filth and the Fury”.

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