August Update

The last month has been manic! Sure… I’m becoming the systems admin for the company I work for, my time for design and creativity is dwindling. Looks like we’re going to be hosting all of our sites ‘on site’. Wanted to learn a bit of SQL, so have moved one of my blogs from blogger to WordPress, what a fantastic piece of code! Things to do this month – write a proposal for our new Win2K3 server, INSTALL IT :( and setup. Get a nice linux box, running as a webserver to host our sites from…. and set that up., thinking of using Fedora Core, from my limited experience it seems great, I’m not hosting our sites on a windows server.

>> Finish the rest of my design work, polish the old portfolio, get the creative juices flowing again – and maybe return to study.

Try to get some time off to visit friends. ( I do have them!)

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