Rain, Sun, Music and Mayhem

It’s over – Glastonbury 2005 has come to an end and what a festival it was. I arrived on site at 10:30am on friday morning, what greeted me was to worst weather in 35 years. A completly rain drenched festival. Me, always at work took off around the site with my trusty camera and captured some fantastic images of the devestation. As usual, I gained my pit access, we shot The White Stripes, The Killers, BabyShambles (Pete Doherty is a pillock), and interviewed Coldplay, as well as shooting them from the side of the Pyramid. Interviewed Emily Eavis and Then Michael on Sunday. Joe the Sculpter, Rob the owner of ‘Lost Vaugeness’, the freshest nicest coffee from ‘StrummerVille’, Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Mrs Martin (Gwyneth), Keith Allen, the Greatest Satay Chicken from the backstage compound and the most burnt forearms ever. What a weekend, all I have to do now is wait for 07!
Glasto 05

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