Sony HVR-Z1E, My Thoughts – Part 1

I’ve been toying with this camera all weekend trying to get prepped for the shoot next weekend – what do I think? I think that in comparison to many camera’s I’ve tried this is an amazing piece of kit. The first thing that hit me was the weight balance, heavier than a PD150 or PDX, but balanced in such a way that it feels comfortable to shoot both high and low level. Shooting in 1080i the quality is eyepoppingly good, and with the ability to down convert to SD on the fly (via iLink), shoot in 50i / 60i, we finally have no need for separate cameras on our edits abroad. Of course I wanted to try out the ‘filmesque’ picture effect – CineFrame and Cinematone are the two options. Cineframe can drop the frame rate to 24 / 25 to simulate that filmic speed, couple this with Cinematone which is two distinct Gamma curves, on playback you get a piece of footage which is remarkably like film!

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